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On this page you will find our previous collections of e-liquids LiQua such as LiQua Q and LiQua HP and flavors which are not available anymore.

  • LiQua C

    Here you can find out more about our LIQUA C collection.


    Here you can find out more about our LIQUA Q collection.


    Here you can find out more about our LIQUA HP collection.

  • E-liquides ARAMAX Pack...

    ARAMAX provides a new arrangement of delicious flavors that will deliver you a maximum vaping pleasure with more vapor and intense flavor. You will also be able to save more money thanks to the incredible quality-price ratio.

  • E-liquids Femme Fatale...

    Femme Fatale are fatal beauties, who drive millions of people around the world crazy. We are both afraid of them and passionate about them, we hate and we love them, we fear them, but we are already in this toxic relationship. They really know your secret desires.

    Be careful, because these beauties can cause addiction. 

  • E-liquids Super Suppai...

    More acidic than meets the eye.

    Neon signs of Tokio, futuristic scenarios, acid atmosphere. Super Suppai reflects the essence of acid perception by strengthening it with acidic flavors. The future is now.

  • E-liquids Ice 60 ml

    Break the ice of your stereotypes.

    ICE – flawless cold and natural fruit.
    Perfect balance and new interpretation of simple truths.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 133 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 133 items