Logo Liqua


We are an international company based in France. 
We offer high quality e-liquids LIQUA that have a growing number of fans in more than 85 countries.
LIQUA respects the highest manufacturing standards.
E-liquids LIQUA are sold in 3 continents through 4 distribution centers.

  • Fondée en 2009

    Founded in 2009

    Our company was founded almost with the birth of vape industry.

  • Respect des normes TPD/CLP

    TPD/CLP Compliances

    All our products comply with TPD/CLP regulations.

  • Nos propres installations de production

    Own Production facilities

    Automated ISO 9001 facilities in Europe (Czech Republic).

  • Sécurité


    Strict monitoring and control of manufacturing processes and facilities.

  • Recherche et développement

    Research and development

    All flavours are developed from high purity concentrated raw materials, not pre-mixed food flavours.

  • Présent dans plus de 85 pays

    Loved in 100+ countries

    Our products are sold in more than 100 countries on 3 continents.